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Norfolk Island
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exotic vacation image 1Discovered by Captain Cook in 1774, Norfolk Island was the only island of the hundreds of islands he charted, including Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti and Hawaii, that he called 'paradise'. The island packs a lot of history into an exciting holiday. This castaway island in the South Pacific and ringed by reefs, is truly one of the world's last great exotic getaways. 


exotic vacation image 2Just a two hour flight from Sydney or Brisbane and you'll soon be experiencing the island's history, towering pine trees, lush shady forests, palm groves, rugged cliffs, safe quiet beaches and, the cuisine and genuine hospitality of the islanders. Sub tropical and abundant in natural beauty, Norfolk Island is a South Pacific volcanic atoll.

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 Captain Cook was certainly not a person who exaggerates. Even the first arrivals, a party of convicts in 1788, thought it was paradise. Nearly a century later, a second remarkable group arrived on Norfolk Island. The descendants of the Bounty Mutineers and their Tahitian wives migrated here from Pitcairn Island.


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Set on an undulating rural plateau emanating from the surrounding cliff tops, the carpet of Norfolk pines and lush, green rainforest stretch to the summit of Mt Pitt in Norfolk's national park. Pristine, blue waters have an abundance of marine life on the coral reef alongside beautiful lagoon beaches.

Historic Kingston's legacy is a fascinating glimpse of a colonial past through the plentiful ruins of convict built structures, superbly preserved Georgian buildings and a cemetery that is the final resting place of officers, convicts, free settlers and murderers alike.

Norfolk Island has a huge array of tours and shows showcasing its history, cultural and natural scenery. About one third of the island is devoted to national parks and reserves which contain numerous signposted walking trails that offer breath-taking views.



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