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Heron Island
Some of the world's best reef diving and exotic getaways

Just 72 Km north-east of Gladstone, Heron Island is a coral cay located on the Great Barrier Reef. It's famous with divers from around the world for its marine life and known as one of Australia's premier dive destinations. Here you can swim right off the beach to an endless garden of coral where the waters are literally teeming with beautifully coloured fish and marine life. More than 30 dive sites are available, half of which are only 15 minutes from the beach. Because there is a deep sea channel between Heron Island and Wistari Reef, the ability to explore the edge of the cay, while remaining in calm waters, is unequalled. The reef experience of Heron is exclusively for guests so you won't see any day trippers.

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 It is common to see turtles, reef sharks, schools of smaller fish, forests of staghorn coral and other undersea wonders.

There's many activities to enjoy on your exotic vacation !

Relaxing on your exotic vacation on Heron Island imageYou can enjoy a day trip to explore an idyllic, uninhabited coral cay or just lay about by the pool - the choice is yours. Heron Island for a great diving experienceHeron is renowned for its abundance of bird life and the island is a nature lover's paradise. There is a sense of adventure on Heron Island and your days are filled with discovery. An amazing array of animal and bird life can be discovered throughout the year, such as Green and Loggerhead turtles.

For the vacationer, Heron Island offers many activities such as guided island and reef walks, semi-submersible cruises and private beach picnics.

From December to April, thousands of turtles use Heron Island as a breeding ground and the winter months see large numbers of whales passing through the channel between the cay and Wistari Reef.

Heron Island is a nature lover's paradise imageOn Heron you'll find a range of accommodation to suit your budget.Voyages Heron Island just one of Australia's exotic getaways image





For further information please visit another of Australia's great exotic getaways
- Voyages Heron Island

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Some of the world's best reef diving

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